At a young age, Andrea and her family moved to the Pacific Island of Guam. There she dove into crystal blue ocean waters and lived a childhood filled with exploration of tidal pools and coconut groves. Fragrant jungle flowers, brilliantly colored sunsets, and tropical warm rains cultivated the young artist’s imagination, creating an abundance of inspiration for painting and making art.

Travels in Latin America and Southeast Asia in later years gave her a rich variety of images and experiences from which to draw, compelling her to share her artistic vision with a wider audience.

A desire to connect her love of art to others paired with the need to pay bills led her to a high school art teaching position located at the foothills of Mt. Rainier. After nearly four years in the classroom, she dove headfirst into the Caribbean Sea, becoming a Teacher Educator for the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. Gratifying work in a land filled with color and music refreshed her creative spirit, which is evident in her current work both visual and written.

Upon completing two years of volunteer service she returned home in May 2003. For one year she was an academic advisor for students in Eastern Washington University’s Chicano Education Program.

She now resides in Sumner, WA and teaches middle school art for her former employer at the foothills of the mountain.

Andrea is a graduate of the University of Washington and received her masters from Whitworth College. Along with teaching, she has illustrated for Metropolitan Living Magazine, served as art director for the PBS film, My Brown Eyes, and exhibits work throughout the Northwest.

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